Best In Specialty Winners 2000-2009


Standard Wirehair Starbarrach Food For Thought
Owned by: Harry Jeffries and Liz Heywood
Handled by: Linda Torrence
Judge: Susan Badick, Canada


Miniature Wirehair Ch Prelude N EJ’S Six Shooter MW
Owned by: Thom Nesbitt, David Swartwood and Emma Jean Stephenson
Handled by: Thom Nesbitt
Judge: Frances Colona, USA
Patricia Kearney holding DiMar Trophy, David Swartwood at back


Standard Smooth Ch Tanaray Tatiana
Owned and handled: by Ray Smith
Judge: Lisa Warren, USA
Dawn Bouchard hold the DiMar Trophy


Miniature Wirehair Ch Prelude’s Salute to EJ, MW
Owned by: Krista Rohrbach and Thom Nesbitt
Handled by: Krista Rohrbach
Judge: Peter Martin, USA
Patricia Kearney and David Swartwood holding trophies


Standard Longhair Ch Dachshire Star Over Texas L
Owned by: Harry Jefferies, Cheryl and Alvin Sims
Handled by: Linda Torrence
Judge: Dr. Kenneth Levison, USA
Christine Cole holds the DiMar trophy


Standard Smooth Ch Abnaki Tanaray Tophat
Owned and handled by: Ray Smith
Judge: Linda Kraft, Canada
Paula Waleau-Jorgenson holds the DiMar trophy


Standard Longhair Ch Dachall’s Fortune in Gold SL
Owned by: Lynda Caiise (holding trophies)
Handled by: Myriam Ruel
Judge: Andra O’Connell, USA


Standard Smooth Ch Lindenwood Jersey Girl
Owned and handled by: Dr. Eileen Dykes
Judge: Dr Ronald Spritzer, USA


Standard Longhair Dachall’s Leon Play Casino SL
Owned by: Lynda Rail Caisse (with trophy) and Sophie Benoit
Handled by: Sophie Benoit
Judge: Lynne Allen, USA


Standard Smooth Ch Tanaray Time and Again
Owned and handled by: Ray Smith
Judge: Phyllis Rosinsky, USA
DiMar trophy held by Barbara Hunter