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Miniature Smooth - Miniature à poil court

Ashdown Kennels Reg'd
Shelly Veinot and Jackie Houle-Veinot
New Germany, NS, (902) 521-9284

Careanuff Kennels Reg'd - Élevage Careanuff Enr.
Tammy Brown, Newbury, ON, (519) 695-6596

Doxie Luv Reg'd
Perry and Sheila Caputo
Moonbeam, ON, (705) 367-1185

Footloose Kennels Reg'd - Élevage Footloose Enr.
Christine Tremblay, St-Sauveur, QC, (450) 226-5714

Joskip Perm Reg'd
Jo Reeves - Surrey, BC, (604) 542-2770

Keen's Reg'd
Shelley Grady
Victoria Harbour, ON, (705) 427-7226

Snowdancer Kennels
Sheryl Touchette, Azilda, ON (705) 983-4164

VomWaldhaus Kennels Red'g - Élevage VomWaldhaus Enr.
Silvia Mancini, Shelburne, NS, (902) 875-3771