Code of Ethics


  • abide by and uphold the principles of the Constitution and By-Laws of the Eastern Canada Dachshund Club for the improvement of the quality, temperament, health and welfare of purebred dogs at all levels;
  • not engage in the breeding, buying or selling of dogs which are not purebred;
  • keep their dogs in clean, healthy environments and provide health protection for them through necessary veterinary care;
  • when breeding, breed for the maintenance of, or the improvement in, desired qualities and type of the breed as outlined in the official Breed Standard, using only CKC registered or registerable stock that are of good conformation, are mature and healthy, and of sound temperament.
  • keep meticulously accurate written record of the details of all matings, births, registrations, etc. as required by the C.K.C.
  • when advertising, promoting, selling, breeding, or being involved in other transactions concerning dogs, refrain from any form of deception or misrepresentation either by statement or omission.
  • cover all sales or transactions in writing with bills of sale reflecting all details thereof and shall inform any buyer in writing should the animal have serious or disqualifying faults as listed in the breed standards;
  • whenever possible, use the C.K.C. “Non-breeding Agreement” when disposing of unspayed bitches or complete males not intended for future breeding, and urge the spaying or neutering of such animals by the purchasers;
  • provide purchasers with the following information:
    1. a copy of the three generation pedigree
    2. a medical record of all inoculations and treatments received, and recommend a follow-up program of inoculations
    3. details of proper feeding and general care;
  • urge that, at the purchaser's expense or as otherwise agreed, a purchased animal be examined by a veterinarian within 48 hours;
  • supply no animals to pet shops, commercial brokers or dealers, nor for give-away prizes, raffles or similar projects;
  • conform to all rules and regulations of the Canadian Kennel Club;
  • display good sportsmanship at all times and refrain from making false statements regarding their fellow member's dogs, breeding practices or person.

NOTE: The Animal Pedigree Act, a Federal Statute, requires that when a person sells a dog as purebred, or contracts to sell a dog as purebred, he must furnish a certificate of registration together with fully recorded transfer of ownership to the buyer. Articles XXXI, Section 3 of the By-Laws of the Canadian Kennel Club requires the breeder to furnish these papers at no additional cost.