Dachshund Colours

Unlike some breeds, Dachshunds come in many different colours and patterns. These colours can sometimes be confusing, especially if dealing with puppies which do not exhibit the same shades of colour that they will as adult dogs. As a guide to understanding the colour terms used in Dachshunds, ECDC has drawn up the following colour guide to illustrate the colours that can and do occur.

It should be noted that not all of these colours are clearly defined in the official CKC Breed Standard. For example, “blue” in present usage, is called “grey” in the standard: “yellow” is now known as “cream”; “rust brown” is called “tan”, and the word “tiger” is no longer used, while true “white and tan” may never have existed. In the Wirehaired Dachshund, any colour is permissible, so we have depicted the most common colours. Dachshunds do occur in colours that are not acknowledged in the official CKC Breed Standard, and therefore must be faulted in the show ring - some of these colours are depicted with this notation.

ECDC Dachshund Colour Guide 2011